Guest Information

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all invited guests on behalf of Muskegon Country Club and its staff. Although members are responsible for informing their guests about the rules governing activities at the club, here are a few things to make sure you feel comfortable when you come visit us at MCC!

Locker Room

The golf staff would like to make sure you feel as comfortable at our facilities as a member does. If you would like to use a locker for the day, just stop into the golf shop and we will get you set up with a locker and key.

Cell Phone Use

At Muskegon Country Club we understand the need to stay connected, even while enjoying the club. We ask that you keep your cell phones on “vibrate” or “silent” mode when on club grounds and keep your conversations to a minimum. Please be mindful of other guests and use areas such as the locker room or main lobby for longer conversations. As always, we ask you be respectful of others enjoyment of the club and ask that all such usage be done in a discreet manner. Wifi is available throughout the club for your use, if you have any trouble connecting, please see the main office staff.

Golf Course Dress Code

Men must wear collared shirts or golf mocks tucked in at all times. Sport slacks, corduroys, golf shorts or pants, rain pants, or wind pants of tasteful length must be worn. All types of blue jeans, athletic shorts, tight or short shorts, or swim wear are not permitted on the golf course or practice range. Hats must be worn properly at all times, facing forward.

Women must wear a sport top with sleeves if it has no collar or wear a sleeveless top with a collar. Tanks or tube tops are not permitted on the golf course. Slacks, skirts or golf shorts of tasteful length are required. Blue jeans, swimsuits, jogging shorts, tight, or short shorts are not permitted at any time on the golf course or practice range.

Smoking Policy

Muskegon Country Club is a smoke free facility. All patrons smoking must be 50 feet away from the building.

General Policies

  • The club is not responsible or liable for items left on or in club property.
  • Any damage to club property by a member or a member’s guest shall be charged to that member. No member or member’s guest shall be permitted to take any article belonging to the club from the club house.
  • No subscriptions, papers, or petitions, unless relating to club business and approved by management, shall be posted or circulated in the club, nor shall subscriptions be solicited from members therein except for club purposes. Notices shall not be posted on the bulletin boards unless approved by club management, and they shall be posted only on appropriate bulletin boards.

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